Those Who Oppose Us

The world beyond the shade of the Salix tree can be a dark and forbidding place. There are many who seek to destroy what the Odonata have worked hard to create – harmonious social order, peace, love, and a sense of community – or to take what is ours.

Since the Day of the Corruption, when our strongest allies – The Hawker Clan – became our worst enemies, matters worsened beyond anything the Odonata could have imagined.

*Spoiler – Book Two of the Odonata Chronicles*

The Hawkers had, up until recently, been led by Ludovicus, known as a mighty warrior and military leader back in his prime, but at the end of his days was an ageing and paranoid shadow, head of a twisted clan that now only sought to damage and destroy.

He met his ultimate demise when one of his generals, Lady Desticia, returned to the Hawkers’ Basilica with the long-lost Chama Fogo Enchiridion – the powerful book of fire magic that the Hawkers had once mastered, generations before. As was the way of the Hawkers, Desticia had Ludovicus killed and took his place as the new leader of the Hawkers.

Known associates and allies of the Hawkers

Wasps, also known as Jaspers – mercurial in nature, devious and calculating. The females wield a stinger at the ends of their abdomen that can kill an incautious Jracon in seconds. Both sexes also possess deadly jaws that can slice through Jracon skin with ease.