The (Known) Races of the Odonata

The (known) races of the Odonata

Thauma (Magics)

Those who oppose us

Other denizens of Odonata lands


Artisans, craftsmen, furniture-makers and clothiers


Soldiers, guards, grunts – brawn over brain


Scriveners, medics and research assistants – brain over brawn!


Nobles, academics and Rangers – The natural-born leaders of the Odonata, occupying the highest echelons of society, from the High Council to the Rangers – the specialist military class who, with support from the Clubtails, maintain peace and defend borders, even more so since the Corruption of the Hawkers.


Also known as The Fallen, The Tainted – a once proud paladin-protector race, dedicated to maintaining peace, law and order amongst the Odonata, now twisted and corrupted by an evil force known only as the Malada.


Farmers, arborists and horticulturalists – crop production for culinary requirements and herbalism. A select number of Skimmers are also dedicated to the nurture and maintenance of the Salix tree itself, a role much sought-after and lauded by all.


The Damselflies – servants and assistants – divided into families, but such matters are for future publications