The (Known) Races of the Odonata

Chaser – Artisans, craftsmen, furniture-makers and clothiers

Clubtails – Soldiers, guards, grunts – brawn over brain

Darter – Scriveners, medics and research assistants – brain over brawn!

Emerald – Nobles, academics and Rangers – The natural-born leaders of the Odonata, occupying the highest echelons of society, from the High Council to the Rangers – the specialist military class who, with support from the Clubtails, maintain peace and defend borders, even more so since the Corruption of the Hawkers.

Hawker – also known as The Fallen, The Tainted – a once proud paladin-protector race, dedicated to maintaining peace, law and order amongst the Odonata, now twisted and corrupted by an evil force known only as the Malada.

Skimmer – Farmers, arborists and horticulturalists – crop production for culinary requirements and herbalism. A select number of Skimmers are also dedicated to the nurture and maintenance of the Salix tree itself, a role much sought-after and lauded by all.

Zygs – The Damselflies – servants and assistants – divided into families, but such matters are for future publications