Thaumaturgy – the Magic of the Odonata and others

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Thauma (Magics)

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Thaumaturgy – this is the conjuring and invocation of elements, and the control and manipulation of others, using Vivo – the life energies that power all living things. Few creatures other than Jraconi and Zyg are capable of thaumaturgy, and it is believed there are many spheres of thauma that are as yet unrecorded by the Emerald Academics.

Elemental magic Possibly the most wide-spread and commonly used of all the thaumas are those relating to elemental conjuration and manipulation – transmuting the natural forces into elemental energies:

– Ar is often used to boost flight speed and levitate/move objects, or to block or deflect small objects such as water drops or small projectiles

– Terra can be used to sculpt and mould earth and rock into mighty structures, such as the Hawker stronghold, the Basilica, but also for simple furniture such as work surfaces. In combat, Terra is most often used to form blunt or sharpened rock projectiles which can be hurled at the opponent, or as a shield to block the opponent’s attacks.

Agua can be used to form a cascading shield of water in combat, or to form ice shards which can be wielded or launched at the enemy

Chama Fogo – Fire magic – is the ancient power that was once wielded by the Hawker Clan before the spell book, known as the Enchiridion Chama Fogo, was stolen by the Emerald Rangers in a bid to stop the Hawkers on their path of destruction. Fire magic can be used to form balls of flame which can be hurled at the enemy, or can be used to ignite a weapon for added damage to an opponent. Certain skilled masters of Chama Fogo are also able to conjure spears or blades formed from magical flame alone, capable of being used with devastating effect on their opponents.

Mestre Bichou and Mestre Planta
The power to control and manipulate plants and creatures is one that has been closely researched and documented by the Emerald Academics of the Odonata. In order to control another lifeform, the caster must be of significantly greater mental fortitude and capability than the recipient form that is to be controlled, otherwise there will be a clash of wills between caster and recipient and the desired effect may not be achieved. That said, there are few insect species with sufficient mental prowess to compete with the mighty intellect of even the simplest of Jraconi or Zyg. Once under the influence of the caster, the lifeform will do their bidding to the best of its abilities, although any order that might harm the lifeform itself is likely to be met with resistance and could result in the spell being broken.

NB. There are a small number of reports of other breeds of Jracon being able to convince rather than control the lifeforms, but these are yet to be substantiated.

Odonata legend tells of ancient Jraconi whose mastery of these thaumas allowed them to control non-insect species, such as fish, bird or even mammalian species.

Malada, the name given to the corrupting power which turned the puritanic Hawker Clan, a once-noble race of warrior-paladins, into the cruel and calculating harbingers of death and torture that pose such a threat to the Odonata way of life. Malada most commonly manifests as oily black tentacles that can be wielded to devastating effect as serrated whips, or used to lasso and entangle an opponent. Any contact with a Malada tentacle enables the caster to attempt to mind-lock with the victim, subjugating them to the caster’s will. Further, the Malada can detach portions of itself to worm and burrow into the victim’s body, strengthening the mental control the caster wields and causing extreme pain and discomfort.

*Spoiler – Book Three of the Odonata Chronicles*

A thauma only recently recorded by Emerald Academics is that of Obfuscation, or Ofuscación in the language of the Barbarus, the Zyg race – it is the ability of the caster to disappear, to render itself, and others, invisible. This comes about through the caster influencing the mind of any onlooker to only see that which the caster wishes them to see. This is most commonly used to effectively “scrub” the true presence of the caster from the mind of the onlooker. The greater your mastery of the thauma the greater the area you are able to “scrub”. Masters of Ofuscación/Obfuscation are able to effectively remove large enough areas to render entire settlements invisible to the casual passerby.

It should be noted that the caster’s own mindset is hugely important in the effective casting of this thauma; if the caster is either a) inexperienced, b) mentally exhausted, c) under duress/stress their ability to cast may be vastly limited.

Further, it should be noted that only the onlooker’s visual perception is affected by this spell. Smell, sound and the ability to detect lifeforms by sensing their Vivo life energies are unaffected by Obfuscation/Ofuscación
Encanto*Spoiler – Book Three of the Odonata Chronicles*

The Barbarus are able to channel Vivo energies to influence others, primarily creating a more positive disposition towards the caster. This can be as simple as making the recipient want the caster as a friend or ally, or can be used to influence the recipient’s emotions to such an extent that they begin to desire romantic attachments to the caster.