The other denizens residing in the lands of the Odonata

The (known) races of the Odonata

Those who oppose us

Those who oppose us

Other denizens of Odonata lands


Dog-like creatures with a fondness for earthworms, rabbits and small rodents, fruit, just about anything in truth. They can be heard barking and screeching after dark on the hunt for a mate. Russet-brown in colour, these creatures of the night are no real trouble for the Odonata, although there have been reports of a nip from a playful cub leaving an Emerald Ranger fighting for her life.


Large grass-chewing creatures whose brain size and capacity for anything near intelligent thought is in direct contrast to the girth of their bellies. These vast animals are often the cause of much concern for the hard-working Skimmers out in the meadows, dealing as they must with the hefty hooves of these dumb animals easily crushing a season’s harvest.


The cunning and untrustworthiness of these black and yellow striped insects is second only to that of the Hawker. Often allied with the Hawker Clan these individuals should not be trusted. And to make matters worse they live in colonies often numbering many hundreds. The females have a venomous sting, and both sexes have speed and sharp jaws to contend with should one get on the wrong side of them. Avoid at all costs!


Due to their lack of wings, these arachnids are only a danger should an unwary Jracon fall into their near-invisible web. Then the hapless captive will likely become a swift supper. Some spiders are capable of jumping onto their prey from a distance, but a successful ground-to-air attack has never been documented, and all jumping spiders recorded so far are too small to pose a threat to a grown Jracon.


Night birds, large eyes, excellent hearing and vision – near silent flight – capable of impressive turns of speed and agility in the air. Some are able to catch an unsuspecting Jracon out after dark and will not hesitate to make a quick meal of him.


The scourge of the evening-loving Jracon – extremely fast, almost impossible to detect without Vivo sensititivies due to their speed and dark colouration. Many good Jraconi have fallen victim to their predation. A word to the wise – Do not go out after dusk!

Lower forms

e.g. mosquito, woodlouse, mayfly, cockchafer, tiger beetle – A tasty dinner, but these species are also capable of limited task-management, so those adept in the ways of Mestre Bichou will often utilise them for message- and load-bearing.