Reviewing ‘The Jracon’s Burden’ by Tom Simmons (The Odonata Chronicles #1)

A very kind review of my first book by Trails of Tales!

Trails of tales

Book cover of The Jracon's burden by Tom Simmons
Book Review by Trails of Tales

Did you know?

In ancient ages, Dragonflies were considered to be the symbol of depth, poise and light.

No surprise.

They are called ‘DRAGON‘ flies for a reason.

And there is a belief that dreaming of Dragonflies is a signal of an impending change in your life.

Which would mean

that my life is heading for a complete 180 since I have been dreaming of nothing but dragonflies since I came across this magical world conjured by Tom Simmons.

So much so, that I even drew a picture of Dax, the protagonist of ‘The Jracon’s Burden’ in all his glory. (Artwork at the bottom of the page).

Who would have thought

that one day a man called Tom Simmons, possessor of limitless imagination and the ability to summon magic through his words would spin a tale magnifique that would take us into…

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