Reviewing ‘The Jracon’s Oath’ by Tom Simmons|The Odanata Chronicles Book #2

Trails of Tales

Book cover|Jracon's Oath
Book Review by Trails of Tales

You know the feeling

When you find a book you have loved with all your heart

and you realize that it is going to have a sequel?

That feeling…

Oh that sweet torturous anticipation!

If you have read my review of the Book #1 in this series, then you know what I was going through waiting for the second one.

The pain, aah the pain.

If you haven’t, then give it a read and come back here so you know what magical world am I talking about.

All the background of my present favorite series ‘The Odanata Chronicles’ is in there.

Go on.

The Gods of Book Love, however took some pity on me

Tom Simmons sent me a review copy of ‘The Jracon’s Oath’ and put an end to my sufferings.

I was so utterly happy!

Until I came to the end


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