An Interview with a Dragonfly – #1 – Yslana, Emerald Ranger

This interview was conducted shortly after the events documented in Book 1 of the Odonata Chronicles, “The Jracon’s Burden”, and have yet to be approved by the interviewee, as she left the Citadel shortly afterwards and has not been seen since.

Interviewer: So, Yslana, tell me something about yourself.

Yslana: What do you want to know? I’m an Emerald Ranger, the youngest ever to lead my own patrol. I’m damn good at my job too, ask anyone.

Interviewer: Okay, and how about home life. Any family?

Yslana: There’s not much to tell. My father, a highly decorated Ranger before me, died when I was young. My mother, well she is quite high up in the Council of the Odonata, but she and I don’t see eye to eye so much these days. She spends more time discussing resources, harvest quotas and budget constraints and me, well I tend to let my weapons do the talking. I guess I’m more like my father…

Interviewer: And what does a normal day entail for a Ranger patrol leader?

Yslana: Report for duty, check the logs from the last shift – identify hotspots, recent sightings of Hawkers, that sort of thing. Then wait for assignment, check and prepare weapons and supplies, then off out into the great unknown. Survive, come home, eat, sleep, repeat.

Interviewer: And how are you finding it, relocating to the Citadel from the Ranger base of operations, Crest’s Eye?

Yslana: To be brutally honest, it’s a fine pain in the tail. We Rangers don’t mix too well with…citizens. We are raised from birth to follow orders, and to appreciate order. The residents of the Citadel, well, put it this way; they can do their thing, as long as they let us do our thing, and keep them safe so they can go on doing their thing!

Interviewer: And you would say this applies to all the residents of the Citadel?

Yslana: I’m not too sure what you mean?

Interviewer: Well, I had heard that you are on quite good terms now with a certain young Darter…

Yslana: (laughs) Who? That Dax fellow? Sure, I guess he is all right, as far as book worms go. We’ve had some adventures together…

Interviewer: Who would have thought it – a decorated Ranger, of noble birth, hanging out with a low-born Darter. It’s good to see.

Yslana: I-I wouldn’t go so far as to say we ‘hang out’. We were sent on a mission, we survived…end of story.

Interviewer: Rumour has it he saved your life…

Yslana: Listen. We survived. I’m pretty sure I saved his life more than he saved mine…everyone has off days, I took some hefty beatings from some nasty types on that last mission.

Interviewer: So I can see from your bandaging. How are you holding up?

Yslana: Ive had worse. Anyway, if you don’t have any more questions I have better things to be getting on with. I hear that Darter has gotten himself into more trouble, and I might just have to go save his life, again!

Interviewer: This bond between you two…not easily broken, am I right?

Yslana: (pauses) Right, thank you. I’m sure I heard the new shift coming on duty. Got to go!

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