Planning ahead…


I’ve just watched my nation come in as runners up behind Belgium in the World Cup group stages, and yet I do not mind at all, due to the fact that we should come up against weaker teams in the next stages as a result. Consequently, I am wondering what our manager, Gareth Southgate, really had planned for this match, and whether he is happy with the outcome.

Planning ahead, choosing a path, knowing which way your character will go at any given moment – is that something an author truly decides?  I’m new to this game, but I am really enjoying allowing my characters to run with the ball, so to speak, and see where it takes them.  Sure, I have a basic storyline, with an end in sight, and significant events for the protagonists to live through, but I have had many occasions in my embryonic writing career where I thought I was going one way with a story but then the chapter pans out differently.  Evolution of a tangential plot device or side story doesn’t need, in my opinion, to drastically alter the main story arc itself, but maybe it can also create scenarios that the reader didn’t expect, nor did the author writing them.  Having said that, sometimes these tangents can surely uncover a new plot, a new ending, a new use for an old character.  It certainly did for me, turning an old council leader character into something much more striking (#spoilers #TheJraconsBurden!)

This blog is still in nappies (diapers for my stateside friends), so it feels silly to offer up the floor for comments with only a few followers, but nonetheless, I’m always happy to hear your views on my ramblings!


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